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"Bringing you pain and suffering since November 29, 2012."

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Welcome to my little page here!

AbyssalCraft is a mod centered around exploration, but with a growing magic influence. Another thing that has been getting more focus is influences from the works of H.P Lovecraft, adding even more evil to that which is already in the mod. Enough about that, let's dig into the mod! The first thing you need in order to get started is a Necronomicon, crafted like in the picture below:
Necronomicon Crafting
Most (if not all) information about things from the mod can be found in the Necronomicon. Apart from being a guide book to the mod, the Necronomicon is also serves as a catalyst for performing rituals.
Going in a bit more on the mod, AbyssalCraft features a collection of dimensions known as The Abyss (the world of the dead, split into several layers, where each layer is a dimension). The dimensions (4 in total, whereas the fourth is a bit of an extension to the third) are:

In order to reach the various dimensions, one must obtain Gateway Keys (items capable of placing down portals when used).
Gateway Keys
Apart from traveling between dimensions, there's also a pitch of magic, in the form of rituals consisting of an altar and pedestals which you place offerings on. There's several different types of rituals, among them rituals where you create items, rituals where you infuse items (turn one item into a different, or simply "upgrade" the item). There's also rituals where you can summon things (the first boss is summoned through such a ritual), and rituals where you can inflict potion effects on nearby entities. If you want to create your own type of ritual, there's an API for that, and if you simply want to add your own creation/infusion ritual, that can either be done through the API, or with MineTweaker (the add-on mod AbyssalCraft Integration has MineTweaker compatibility).
In addition to the rituals, there's also a new form of energy used in order to perform the rituals. This energy is called Potential Energy, and can be obtained through a few methods (this is being expanded).
Along with all of this is also a lot of new blocks (among them 5 new types of stone, 15 new ores, 2 new types of trees), new items (among them 4 new materials to make tools and armor from, 8 new armor sets, a bunch of new food items).
Enough about quantities of things, the Overworld has also received new content, including 6 new biomes:

Since I haven't mentioned the mobs, let me go over a few of them. There's the Depths Ghoul and Abyssal Zombie(both undead, found in Darklands biomes, swamps, or very commonly in the Abyssal Wasteland), evil counterparts of vanilla animals (Pigs, Cows, Chickens), Living Shadows (Shadow Creature/Monster/Beast, each one stronger than the former), and Lesser Shoggoths (if you're familiar with the works of H.P Lovecraft, these are smaller versions of those amorphous horrors). That's all the mobs found in the Overworld, whereas some can be found in the dimensions.
Depths GhoulAbyssal Zombie
Evil AnimalsShadow Creature
Shadow MonsterShadow Beast
Lesser Shoggoth

This should cover most of the mod, the rest is up to you to discover (or you could just read about the majority of it in the Necronomicon). It should be noted that this is a Forge Mod, and requires Minecraft Forge to run.

If you want to download the mod, click on any of the links below (apart from the wiki, as that is a wiki, and not a mod thread). If you're here for the source code, there should be a button somewhere on the page (I think the top right) that will lead you there.

However, if you're interested in developing Add-ons (or just integrate my stuff into your mod), be sure to check the instructions for setting up the build.gradle maven stuff in the GitHub repo README (alternatively, you can find a standalone API distro either in the extra files for relases on CurseForge or in the maven repo).

The mod can be found at Minecraft Forums, Planet Minecraft and Curse. There's also a Wiki (which will probably always need pages for new content added, or just updates on old pages), check it out for the information currently available there!

If you want to keep up with the development, you can follow me on Twitter (@Shin00w), check out the official Facebook page, or check out this little collection of videos regarding the mod I've put together (release videos, some development previews)

If you're feeling really generous, you might consider donating, in which case I have a Patreon page, but also a paypal donation button (which works here because it's HTML):

Official Add-ons

In order to enable more content, there's also (currently) 2 add-ons for AbyssalCraft that can expand the usage for the mod.

The first mod (entitled "AbyssalCraft Heads"), found below this text, is a utility for adventure/RPG themed modpacks, providing guidance in terms of AbyssalCraft mobs, providivng you with head icons that can be used for HQM quests involving mob killing, among things.

The second mod (entitled "AbyssalCraft Integration"), is a separate module for cross-mod integrations, combinding parts of AbyssalCraft with other mods, expanding the amount of things you can do (this can also be useful in modpacks, especially ones that use MineTweaker, but also for packs that has any of the integrated mods overall).

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